Bilge Mutlu Ph.D.Adjunct Faculty

    Center for Professional and Executive Development,
    Wisconsin School of Business

    Bilge Mutlu is an associate professor of computer science, psychology, and industrial engineering at the University of Wisconsin–Madison where he directs the Wisconsin Human-Computer Interaction Laboratory. His research program focuses on building human-centered methods and principles to enable the design of robotic technologies and their successful integration into the human environment. He teaches the undergraduate and graduate curriculum in human-computer interaction across the departments of computer sciences, psychology, and industrial and systems engineering. He seeks to enable the creation of acceptable, intuitive, and desirable technologies and their smooth integration by solving technical problems, creating design examples, and mapping out human expectations of interactions with robotic technologies.

    Professor Mutlu has an interdisciplinary background that combines design, computer science, and social and cognitive psychology. He holds a Ph.D. in human-computer interaction from Carnegie Mellon University and is a former Fulbright fellow, as well as a recipient of the NSF CAREER award. His research has received multiple Best Paper Awards and recognition in international press including The Economist, New Scientist, and Discovery News.

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