Townhall Webinars

Motivating Your Salespeople To Sell

Wednesday, Oct. 18
12pm ET


  • Bill Zipp
    Author of “The Ultimate Sales Manager Playbook”

Stop pressing the “more” button. More calls. More meetings. More deals. More discounts. That button is broken! Instead, discover how to press the “WHY” button and unleash the passion that lies deep within each of your salespeople.

This powerful webinar explores how each of us is wired for WHY and gives sales leaders a practical plan for uncovering and unleashing that WHY to achieve world-class results.

During this Town Hall, you’ll gain insights on:

  • The signs that make a good sales manager
  • Four reasons why sellers sell
  • The importance of connecting passion to vision


Snapshot Of Customer Market Trends And Latest Patient Volume Data

Wednesday, Sept. 13
12pm ET


  • Kathleen Fox
    Director, Market Insights
  • Erik Graaf
    President, HMMC
    Vice President, OPM Field Sales, B. Braun Medical, Inc.

Staying up-to-date on the latest healthcare market trends helps manufacturers build strategy and stay informed. Join us for a presentation by Kathleen Fox, Director of Market Insights at HIDA, who will discuss the latest trends within healthcare markets. Kathleen will be joined by Erik Graaf, President of HMMC and Vice President, OPM Field Sales at B. Braun Medical, Inc., for reactions on how trends are affecting customer buying behaviors.

During this Town Hall, you’ll gain insights on:

  • Market-specific patient volume trends within individual healthcare settings
  • Challenges and opportunities facing healthcare markets
  • Overall trends within the industry


The Keys To Understanding Clinical Integration That Every Manufacturer Should Know

Wednesday, Aug. 23
12pm ET

Guest Speaker:

  • Gina O’Grady
    Director of System Clinical Integration
    M Health Fairview

Session Overview:
Join us for a firsthand look into an integrated health system supply chain department. Gina O’Grady, Director of System Clinical Integration at M Health Fairview will walk us through their system’s value analysis selection process, resiliency plans, and existing vendor relationships.

During this Town Hall, you’ll gain insights on:

  • How M Health Fairview works with their primary GPO, distributor and manufacturer partners
  • How to best communicate with manufacturers when products are out of stock
  • How new vendors can get their foot in the door

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Fraud Prevention Techniques And Solutions

Wednesday, 7/12/2023

Guest Speaker:

  • Ken Spett
    President and CEO

Session Overview:
Businesses of all sizes continue to be a lucrative target for criminals to defraud. Watch the recording to hear from Ken Spett, President and CEO of Graham-Field, who has over 40 years of diverse healthcare industry experience.

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Date: Wednesday, 10/12/2022 at noon EST

Guest Speakers: Pete Junge, Optimal Healthcare Solutions and Tim Driver MedPro Associates

Session Overview:

Our October Town Hall covered effective contracting strategy with the federal government. The U.S. Federal government is the largest buyer of medical supplies in the world and clearly very important to our businesses.


Date: Wednesday, 9/14/2022 at noon EST

Guest Speakers: Carl P. Meyer

Session Overview:

PHMMC’s September town hall discussion focused on learning how to best work with IDNs and GPOs. As an experienced contracting executive for multiple manufacturers, Carl P Meyer addressed attendees needs in understanding large contracting entities and how to leverage those relationships to grow sales

HMMC August 2022 Town Hall

Date: Wednesday, August 17, 2022 @ 12pm EST

Guest Speakers: Jan Beery and Eryn Marx of KBK

Session Overview:

HMMC member KBK Communications coordinated this learning session featuring Sebastian Walker of Method Data. Companies that are using data-driven B2B sales-growth engines report above-market growth and EBITDA increases in the range of 15 to 25 percent. (McKinzie and Company)

This session focused on better understanding the pillars of digital transformation and the role data plays in driving effective business growth initiatives.

This Virtual Town Hall is open to HMMC members at no charge.

Click HERE to register.

HMMC June 2022 Town Hall

Date: Wednesday, June 8, 2022 @ 12pm EST

Guest Speakers: Gerry LoDuca and Travis Torre

Session Overview:

HMMC’s June 8 Town Hall discussion focused on the global supply chain. Gerry LoDuca, President of Dukal, and Travis Torre, Director of Logistics for Dukal welcomed their partners from Geodis to guide us through how we got here, what’s happening around the world and where we see the road ahead of supply chains in the US.

HMMC May 2022 Town Hall

Date: Wednesday, 5/18/22 at 12pm ET

Guest Speakers: Jamie Clancy and Jeff Waddell of ChannelTrace
and Christie Armstrong, Senior Director of Sales Operations
for the Prevention and Recovery Division of Enovis (formerly known as DJO).

Session Overview:

The May HMMC Town Hall featured subject matter experts about the power of your end-user sales data. Jamie Clancy and Jeff Waddell with ChannelTrace shared with us how effective management of data can help you drive your sales, strengthen your distribution relationship and control your contract spend. They reviewed the various approaches companies can take and the pro’s and con’s associate with each system and invited their customer, Christie Armstrong of Enovis to showcase her experience with their product.

HMMC March 2022 Town Hall

The DNA of Ethical Leadership & the Good Society

Date: Wednesday, March 9, 2022 @ 12pm EST

Guest Speakers: Captain Marv Serhan

Session Overview:

Our March Town Hall will feature Marv Serhan, Captain, U.S. Navy (Retired). Captain Serhan will share with HMMC members how we as professionals have the power and responsibility to determine our destiny as employers, employees, leaders, followers, parents, role models, professionals, and patriots. It will inevitably determine how future leaders and business professionals contribute to and shape the values and character of our corporate culture.

This Virtual Town Hall is open to HMMC members and their guests at no charge.

HMMC February 2022 Town Hall

Date: Wednesday, February 9, 2022 @ 12pm EST

Guest Speakers: Cardinal Health Executives

Session Overview:

Our February Town Hall will feature a dynamic and engaging group conversation with three Cardinal Health leaders:

  • Emily Barnhart, Vice President of Strategic Sourcing, National Brands
  • Lynne Kelly, National Vice President of Business Development for U.S. Acute Sales
  • Angie Thomas, Group Vice President, Federal Government Sales and Operations and Enterprise Supplier Diversity

This Virtual Town Hall is open to HMMC members and their guests at no charge.


HMMC January 2022 Town Hall

Date: January 12, 2022 @ 12pm EST

Speaker: Mark Henderson, SEVP, Sales & Marketing and Scott Lyons, Senior Director, Supplier Relations, Concordance

Session Overview:
Please join us on Jan 12th at 12 noon for our first 2022 HMMC townhall where we will have the opportunity to learn what Concordance has planned for the year. As a nimble national distributor serving multiple markets, Concordance will outline their 2022 corporate direction so that we can better learn how to partner with them to grow our sales. In addition, Concordance will share their progress towards a new supplier-facing value proposition and how suppliers can best engage with them.

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What Our Members Say

  • “Networking with other HMMC members has been invaluable! This has benefited me personally in my leadership, my decision-making, and the ability to feel completely comfortable discussing with fellow members anything about my business. It is a group without judgment. It is a group of problem solvers, solution finders, and friends, lifelong friends. It is my safe place to be transparent about what I deal with in my business and know I'm with the best group of experts in our industry.”

    Jan Beery Owner, KBK Communications
  • "As a new member of HMMC for the past year, I’ve come to quickly value the industry education, peer to peer knowledge sharing and perspective gained from leaders in the healthcare industry!” 

    Brian Vierra Senior Director of Sales, Medical Division Midmark
  • “When I first got into our industry, I looked at who worked best with distribution, and the answer was Midmark and Welch Allyn. They were members of HMMC and always attended the conferences. Two ultimate members of the Distribution Hall of Fame, one from each company told me that they thought HMMC would be good for me, and I would be good for it. I joined and have been a member ever since. Even I ended up in the Distribution Hall of Fame. Is there a correlation there?  You tell me.” 

    Rob Saron SVP, Global Distribution, Symmetry Surgical®
  • "HMMC provides unique opportunities that allow me to strengthen my professional network and industry knowledge, while bringing valuable insights to help in my day-to-day career responsibilities.”

    Tanya Coby, EDAC Integrated Marketing Manager, Medical Marketing Midmark
  • "We like to bring our sales and marketing leadership together to reflect and learn with other commercial leaders in the industry, and HMMC enables this through well thought out professional events."

    Matt Bourne Chief Commercial Officer, Midmark


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