Board of Governors

Board of Governors

  • Janis Dezso
    Janis Dezso President

    Symmetry Surgical
    Vice President, Sales
    (727) 593-5943

  • Gerry LoDuca
    Gerry LoDuca Board Member

    DUKAL Corp
    (631) 656-3800

  • Kurt Forsthoefel
    Kurt Forsthoefel President Elect, Treasurer

    Midmark Corporation
    Marketing Director
    (937) 528-7520

  • Brad Baker
    Brad Baker Secretary

    MTI, Inc.
    Executive Vice President
    (801) 875-4907

  • Erik Graaf
    Erik Graaf Board Member

    B. Braun Medical, Inc.
    Vice President, OPM Field Sales
    (610) 997-4560

  • Ellenmary Martin
    Ellenmary Martin Board Member

    DUKAL Corp
    Chief Strategy Officer
    (631) 656-3800

  • Tim Kery
    Tim Kery Sponsorship Chair, Nomination Chair

    Sagamore Sales & Marketing, Inc.
    (888) 432-0699

  • James Spitzer
    James Spitzer Program Chair

    Dale Medical Products Inc.
    Director of Marketing
    (617) 834-9629

  • Julia Jacobson
    Julia Jacobson Board Member

    NEXT Medical Products Company, LLC
    (908) 722-4549 ext 610

  • Joe Przepiorka
    Joe Przepiorka Marketing Chair

    Shawmut Corporation
    Vice President, Marketing
    (630) 248-2190

  • Jeremy How
    Jeremy How Board Member

    B. Braun Medical, INC.
    Vice President Marketplace Strategy
    (484) 456-3324

  • Mally Henne
    Mally Henne Board Member

    Bemis Health Care
    Director, Sales and Marketing

  • Bryan Fosmore
    Bryan Fosmore Board Member

    Symmetry Surgical
    Senior Vice President, Sales & Marketing
    773) 573-5292

  • Mike Atkinson
    Mike Atkinson Membership Chair

    Vice President

  • Jim Richmond
    Jim Richmond Board Member

    US Director of Corporate Accounts and Inside Sales
    Advanced Sterilization Products
    (949) 294-0126

  • Ray Baynard
    Ray Baynard Board Member

    Tex-Care Medical

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What Our Members Say

  • “Staying up to speed on contemporary marketing challenges and opportunities in our ever evolving health care marketplace is one of the benefits of membership in HMMC. Equally important is the informal networking that takes place at each and every meeting…and sometimes in between.”

    Mr. Carl Meyer V.P. Sales Medical Products, The Wetrich Group, LLC
  • “Who needs to hire a paid consultant when you can be a part of a group that has the best minds in the industry to tap into for free?”

    Mr. Dick Moorman V.P. Sales Medical Products, Midmark Corporation


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