Vijay ReddyFounder, Synthium

    Vijay Reddy is an Entrepreneur, Blockchain and AI enthusiast. Healthcare and Technology have a profound influence on him, and he strongly believes in innovation and cutting edge, break-through solutions. After completing his MS in Computer Science, Reddy entered the healthcare arena with OSI Systems (Now MedAssets, Inc.) in 1991 and progressed to be the Chief Information Officer for the company. Since entering workforce, he has designed systems and developed software to increase efficiency and reduce costs for the healthcare entities. The solutions Reddy developed were deployed in over 50% of the hospitals in the USA.

    With his passionate drive for software development and using his history and extensive knowledge, Reddy hopes to continue coming up with disruptive technologies and bringing innovation to the healthcare industry.

    Healthcare is going through a paradigm shift. Blockchain and AI are shaping the future for the greater good. Reddy believes that change is inevitable and if he can contribute to it in any way, he will have accomplished his goal.

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