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Membership in the Healthcare Manufacturers Management Council is an exclusive opportunity to join with other marketing and sales professionals responsible for bringing some of the most innovative and important products and services to the healthcare market today.


Eligibility for membership in HMMC is based on the following criteria:

  • The individual's national marketing or sales responsibilities within his/her company, division or subsidiary.
  • The individual's ability to contribute meaningfully to the HMMC membership.
  • The individual's commitment to conduct him or herself for the good of the industry and HMMC.

Memberships are given to individuals and companies. Company or subsidiary members may appoint individual members as long as they meet the membership eligibility criteria. Companies or subsidiaries with more than one national marketing job will be allowed to have more than one member, but not more than five. Corporations will be limited to a total of five members unless the HMMC Board of Governors grants an exception.

Application process

Membership in HMMC is limited to ensure meaningful roundtable discussions at our semi-annual conferences. Applications for membership will be reviewed by HMMC Board of Governors for meeting membership criteria. A membership application can be obtained below.

Honorary and Associate Memberships

Honorary HMMC memberships are granted to members in good standing who retire or resign. Honorary members may attend HMMC meetings, cannot vote, and are responsible for any meeting expenses.

Associate HMMC memberships are granted by the Board of Governors to HMMC members who later leave their employment with a healthcare company (but are not re-employed by a distributor or provider). Associate members continue to be responsible for regular membership dues.

Dues and fees

Membership dues are $695 a year with an option to purchase a 2-year membership for only $1198. Spring and Fall semi-annual conference fees are $850 each. Membership dues are based on a full 12 month period and expire 12 months from application date.

How to apply

Apply for HMMC membership online by selecting a type below or contact HMMC Headquarters at or 609-297-2211.

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