Benefits of Membership

HMMC members enjoy a host of benefits for any high-level sales and marketing executive seeking invaluable industry knowledge and insights, an edge over the competition, and numerous opportunities to forge a close network of key industry contacts.

For these reasons and more, an HMMC membership is not only a wise professional investment, but an excellent value as well. A membership in HMMC is an exclusive opportunity to learn about marketing and sales from the professionals responsible for bringing some of the most innovative and important products and services to the healthcare market today.


HMMC is well respected in the industry for its broad-based educational programming offered twice a year at spring and fall conferences. Held in varied locations in America, HMMC conferences provide a fun, relaxing yet secluded opportunity for HMMC members to gather, network and learn – from each other, some of the brightest people in the industry – and from CEOs of major corporations inside and outside of health care, plus thought leaders, legal experts, award-winning authors and speakers. In addition to the valuable industry insights they provide, HMMC conferences also serve as ongoing training programs for sales and marketing staff. Conference participants have learned about countless important issues, including:

  • Evolving government regulations
  • The complexities of reimbursement and their impact on sales and marketing strategies
  • The complex sales and marketing relationships among distributors and GPOs
  • How to coordinate messages of their company's sales and marketing departments
  • How to penetrate overseas markets, and stay abreast of emerging markets here and abroad
  • Ways to identify and educate customers, and own those relationships
  • How to improve leadership skills
  • General self-improvement skills and techniques

Members also participate in and enjoy the valuable information from exclusive industry surveys conducted at conferences and various times throughout the year.


Education opportunities don't stop when HMMC conferences come to an end. Every professional association may talk about networking, but it is at the core of HMMC's charter. HMMC members are among the best and brightest in their field, and possess not only a strong desire to continuously improve their professional skills, but a generous willingness to share their knowledge and experience with peers. Because HMMC membership is limited, members have numerous opportunities to develop and foster longtime and invaluable one-on-one relationships not only with peers, but high-level contacts at distributors and other potential resources or suppliers. Conferences provide invaluable networking opportunities, and members keep those relationships thriving throughout the year. HMMC also continually nurtures networking opportunities through such members-only benefits as:

  • The HMMC membership directory membership roster updated frequently. The roster contains contact information, company information and photographs of all HMMC members. The directory is available to members only online.


HMMC members are constantly learning about the latest trends shaping the healthcare industry from the movers and shakers themselves – not just from trade magazines or word-of-mouth. This kind of industry intelligence can rarely be found anywhere else for the value of HMMC membership. Conference faculty have covered a mind-boggling array of important and timely issues, such as ongoing scrutiny of group purchasing organizations, integrated delivery network purchasing strategies, private labeling trends, workplace trends, and updates about regulation and reimbursement from Capitol Hill.

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