HMMC Conferences

Recent Conference Topics

Here are just some of the topics addressed by speakers at recent HMMC national conferences:

Selling and marketing strategies

6-hour workshop on Customer Value Proposition

6-hour workshop on Value-Based Princing

The C-Suite:  The Sales Venue of Tomorrow

Three Secrets to an Unstoppable Memory

Amazing Face Reading – Creating an Immediate Connection

Value Based Pricing (workshop)

Data-Driven Decisions in the New Healthcare Landscape

Cardinal Health – Overview and Strategic Priorities

Scenario-Based, Strategic Decision Making (workshop)

Cut to the Chase – Stop Sales Prevention and Get Sand Out of the Gears

Safeguarding the Supply Chain:  Anti-counterfeiting Strategies and Best Practices

Healthcare Economics and Healthcare Supply Chain – Where It’s Going

The NDC Story: A Journey from Buying Cooperative to Master Distributor and Beyond – How to Maximize your Relationship with NDC Today and in the Future

Partnering with Independent, Regional Distributors

Expanding from the Center: An Open Discussion of the Trade Center Business Model

The Power of Brands to Create and Sustain Attractive Businesses

The Role of Independent Distributors in the Evolving Medical Supply Chain

McKesson – Aligning Our Role in the Supply Chain to Serve a Dynamic Provider Base

The Changing Role of Supply Chain Leadership in Healthcare

Working at Cross-Purposes – How Distributors and Manufacturers Can Manage Conflict Successfully

Distributor Session – Owens & Minor

MedAssets GPO

The New Age of Digital Markeitng

Changes and Challenges in Distribution

” Sales Goals and Sales Compenstion for Healthcare Manufacturers – Rewarding top Sales Performers While Managing Costs”

“Strategic Leadership – Insights and Nuances”

“Executing a customer-driven solution selling process”

“Fast track for market makers”

“Is your sales force managed for maximum productivity?”

“Precise selling: How great leaders sell with pride”

“Size up your market — and maybe somebody else’s too”

“The balancing act between private label and branded programs”

“Understanding and managing private label issues”

“The power of nice”

“Getting the Most Out of Manufacturer’s Reps”

“What’s Happening In Distribution”

“Tomorrow’s distribution models — today”

Dealing with government regulations

Sequestration, Status of Health Reform and What’s Next

The Pursuit of Value and Risk Management: Mayo Clinic Perspectives

Health System Reform in Year Three:  Where Are We Now?

Industry Updates on HCIR Credentialing Requirements

The Future of Healthcare Reform – A look at the current status of reform emerging shifts in reimbursement and care models, and what it all means for the healthcare supply chain.

Industry Updates on Vendor Credentialing

HIDA Update

Health System Reform in Year Three:  Where Are We Now?

Strategic Planning for a New Healthcare System:  Will the Real FDA Please Stand Up

Healthcare Reform – What’s Next?

Will the Real FDA Stand Up

Making Sense of Healthcare Reform

Health Care At a Crossroads

Washington Update

Insights into the FDA

The Political Scene

Political Issues on the HIll

American Hospital Association

A Look at the Medical Industry in an Election Year

Vendor Credentialing Update

Vendor Credentialing

Licensing Technologies

“Call To Action From the Trenches of Trade”

“Don’t make a federal case out of contracting with the feds”

“Government Legislation and Its Impact on Medical Technology”

“Government Assistance With Business”

Workplace and workforce issues

Where and How to Successfully Recruit the Millenial Generation

HR Issues, Labor/Management Issues, Labor Laws Update

Visibility and Intelligence: Your Keys to Growing Your Business

Recruiting in Today’s Market

Live Positive, Coca-Cola’s Sustainability Program

Employee Wellness and the Cost of Insurance

” Evolving Channel Landscape”

“Vendor Credentialing”

“Managing Change Within Your Organization”

“Discrimination claims: bad decisions lead to big judgments”

“The art of labor and employment law”

“The changing face of the marketplace”

Customer-centric strategies

Data-driven Decisions in the New Healthcare Landscape

Managing Change Through Creativity

6-hour workshop on Beating the Odds:  Strategies for Successful New Products

The Pursuit of Value and Risk Management:  Mayo Clinic Perpectives

Coming to a Market Near You:  Reimbursement Policies and Other Key Provisions Impacting Suppliers and Their Customers

Code Red vs. Rapid Response:  Rapid Resuscitation vs. Focused Intervention

The ASC Market

The New Health Age:  A High Level Look At the Future of Healthcare and Medicine In America

The Eldercare Spectrum – Challenges and Opportunities

Long Term Care Nurses’ Contribution to Patient Care

Changes in Family Practice Medicine

The Current Face of LTC Through a Provider’s Eye

Value-Base Purchasing (VSP)

Optimizing Nurses

IDN Collaboration:  Is it Anything More Than One More Way for an IDN to Try to Get a Better Price?

Shifting Paradigms:  The Opportunity for Infection Prevention and the Key Drivers

Fear Factors, Human Factors, What do They have to do with the Future of Health Care

“Challenges and Changes with GPOs”

“How to market to IDNs”

“Navigating the maze of IDN and GPO expectations: Is it necessary or possible to please both masters?”

“Next up for group purchasing”

“The GHX story”

“GPO’s and the Code of Conduct”

“The on-going GPO debate”

Emerging markets

Call to Action from the Trenches of Trade

“Dealing with Emerging Markets”

“Asia on your Horizon”

“Reaching the Latin American Market”

Industry insight

Hospital Consolidation & Integration and the Impact on Medical Supply Markets

Dental Market Opportunities

Apple Technology in Healthcare

Trends in Healthcare

Current U.S. Healthcare Trends

AORN – Sharing a Common Misson with HMMC

The New World of MDSI

The U.S. Animal Health Market: Poised for Further Growth

Economic Realities Impacting Surgical Practice

Sybion Surgery Centers – Strategic Plans & Direction

Addressing New and Emerging Medical Technology

” Overview of the Challenges and Purchasing Trends of U.S. Hospitals”

“Minute Clinics”

“GPOs Today”

“The Future of GPOs”

“American Medical Association Reflections on Current and Future Issues”

“Universities – An Untapped Resource for Medical Products Companies, Research and Technology Licensing”

“Assistive Technologies-emerging High Tech: R&D Being Done in University Labs”

“Distribution strategies: McKesson, PSS, Cardinal, Owens & Minor, Medline, IMCO, NDC, Pharmed and others”

“Understanding the Mysteries of the Gray Market

Leadership Skills

The Three Secrets to an Unstoppable Memory

Motivative and communicative Concepts

Strategic Leadership – Insights and Nuances

Laos, The Ho Chi Minh Trail and My Search for Answers


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