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2010 Spring Conference

JW Marriott Hotel, Buckhead
Atlanta, GA
April 21 – 23, 2010

“Let’s Piece It Together…in Atlanta”

Wednesday, April 21, 2010

7:00 – 9:00 PM Opening Reception -2nd Floor, Ballroom, Salon I & II
Cocktails, Hors d’oeuvres and Dinner

Thursday, April 22, 2010

7:15 – 8:00 AM Breakfast – 2nd Floor, Raleigh/Columbia Rms

8:00 – 8:05 AM Welcome to the 2010 Spring Education Conference
Rob Saron – President

8:05 – 10:00 PM 2nd Floor, Ballroom, Salon I & II
“Opening Speaker” – Michael Marks
Well known consultant in Channel Management and author of
“Working at Cross-Purposes – How Distributors and Manufacturers Can Manage Conflict Successfully”
The morning session (from 8:00 to 12:30 PM) with Michael Marks will involve three separate subject areas. For each area Mike will provide a short presentation with new research and commercial insight on the subject, focused small group discussions will follow, and then Mike will solicit key insights from the table discussions. The sessions will be very interactive and each will be followed by a short break. Mike does arbitration under AA rules on manufacturer and distributor contract disputes and will provide our group with clear and concise cover to avoid any remote issues with trade practices. The three segments are:

Taxation Without Representation: Dealing with the ever rising cost of doing business with distribution and the eroding influence that these investments provide.

The Horse Is Dead: Dealing with the increasing pressures of gray markets, private label growth, brand erosion and the rush to the price bottom.

Potential Futures: Insight from other industries that have faced the challenges described above and what actions worked and which failed.

The purpose of this workshop and the specific format has been designed to help each executive gather insights to help them decide what is best for their individual firm.

10:00 – 10:30 AM Morning Break

10:30 – 12:30 PM “Continuation of Workshop with Michael Marks

12:30 – 1:30 PM Lunch -2nd Floor, Raleigh/Columbia Rms. HMMC General Meeting

1:30 – 2:30 PM “The Changing Role of Supply Chain Leadership in Healthcare”
Joe Colonna, VP Supply Chain, Piedmont Healthcare
Joe will speak on the changing face of supply chain leadership, including the historic disconnects between healthcare supply chains and their internal and external customers. He will explain why Supply Chain leaders often send mixed messages and talk about the changes that are occurring throughout the industry. He will also answer several questions regarding his view on the GPO industry, evaluation of new suppliers, new products and new services, vendor credentialing, distribution, valuation of potential business partners and how we work with clinicians and senior executives to meet all of the needs of Piedmont Healthcare.

2:30 – 4:00 PM “Live Positively, Coca-Cola’s Sustainability
Katie Miller, Group Director, Marketing Asset Strategy & Activation, The Coca-Cola Company
This presentation will share an overview of how Coca-Cola strives to live positively every day. Live Positively is Coca-Cola’s continuous commitment to making a positive difference in the world by ensuring the way we work and live is sustainable. And that sustainability is part of everything we do. Presentation will review the key tenants of Live Positively for Coca-Cola and highlight a few examples, such as Coca-Cola’s “Give it Back” sustainability program.

4:00 – 4:15 PM Afternoon Break

4:15 – 5:30 PM “Washington Update”
Andrew Van Ostrand, Vice President, Policy and Research, HIDA
An update from HIDA’s Vice President and registered federal lobbyist on the state of healthcare reform efforts, HIDA’s advocacy issues, and legislative and regulatory issues poised to impact the industry across 2010-2012.

6:15 – 9:30 PM “‘What’ll ya have’ and Around The World”
We will meet in the lobby level of the hotel at 6:00 PM sharp. Go to the side entrance, near the lounge and grand staircase. Two buses will transport us to our night’s adventure. Be there ahead of time. Don’t be late. Buses leave at 6:15 PM

First – Dinner will be one you will not want to miss: class, style and ambiance. There is no other place like it in the world. Established in 1928 it’s the largest of its kind in the world. Highlighted on the Food Channel and Travel Channel – you can’t go to Atlanta without eating here!

Second – The entertainment will give us a look into the future but usually focuses on the present and everything “new”. Founded in 1980 by the “mouth of the South” – most people thought he “lost it”! And in fact he did, 2 satellites were sent into orbit and just kept going! But the MOTS stuck it out. He had a vision and it worked! It is the first of its kind and is in 212 countries. We will get “behind the scenes” and see how it works 24 -7.

Don’t miss it – and don’t be late!

Friday, April 23, 2010

7:15 – 8:00 AM Breakfast -2nd Floor, Raleigh/Columbia Rms.

8:00 – 9:00 AM “The U.S. Animal Health Market: Poised for Further Growth Chris Kelly, President & Publisher, VAM Communications, LLC, Veterinary Advantage Magazine
This session will provide you with information to help your company evaluate the animal health market and understand the sales opportunity currently available. It will include an overview of the market, identification of the key drivers in the market, as well as profiles on key distributors.

9:00 – 9:30 AM “McKesson – Aligning Our Role In The Supply ChainTo Serve A Dynamic Provider Base”
Randy Rossi – VP National Accounts – LTC, McKesson Medical Surgical

Randy will provide a brief overview of the McKesson operating companies, highlight changes within the Provider community today and describe tools McKesson employs to meet the needs of served customers today and in the future.

9:30 – 10:00 AM “The Role of Independent Distributors in the Evolving Medical Supply Chain” Ted Almon – President – Claflin Company
Ted will discuss conflict in the channel and how to resolve it; and, how Independents may evolve through the use of Master distributors and possibly a “Channel Utility”.

10:00 – 10:15 AM Break

10:15 – 12:00 PM Continuation of “Distribution Presentation and Breakout Discussions”
Randy Rossi – McKesson
Ted Almon – Claflin Company
Breakout Rooms, Ballroom, Jackson, Nashville

12:00 Adjourn

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