About HMMC

Our Mission

Our Vision: The Healthcare Manufacturers Management Council (HMMC) aspires to be recognized by our membership and the industry as THE healthcare professional association that facilitates best practices that enables Healthcare Manufacturers to succeed.

Our Mission: The Healthcare Manufacturers Management Council (HMMC) seeks to provide its membership the opportunities to Learn, Network and Succeed.

Our Value Proposition: “HMMC provides our membership with ACCESS to education, peer networking and the latest marketplace trends and insights to enhance knowledge, skills and expertise to grow their business.”

Our Operating Principles: HMMC’s Operating Principles define its fundamental basic beliefs and guiding principles. In turn, providing focus for our actions. They are the cultural compass to drive strategic decisions: Integrity, Collegial Culture, Dynamic, Excellence, Respect, Fun



The Situation

The Healthcare market is experiencing transformational change as it grows faster than most other sectors in the global economy.   Change is happening across the continuum of care: patients are demanding better value and safety; physicians are losing independence; outcomes data will drive more decisions; non-traditional provider settings are growing (CVS/Walmart); provider systems are consolidating and demanding lower costs; distributors are combining and continue to be pressured for lower costs by the their customers; and the Affordable Care Act has injected new power in the government to knock out providers that don’t meet performance criteria. 

These and other forces create an extremely challenging environment for healthcare product manufacturers, but also tremendous opportunity to capitalize on the constantly changing market.  Capturing profitable growth requires a broad view of a turbulent market, and gaining insights from others facing similar challenges.   These perspectives enable manufacturers to recognize opportunities and overcome hurdles that could slow progress.

The Solution

The premier healthcare industry association focused solely on knowledge-sharing and relationship building for medical device manufacturers is The Healthcare Manufacturers Management Council (HMMC). As the industry’s only association for manufacturers, there truly is no better place to Learn, Network and Succeed!

HMMC brings together over 120 senior-level executives in Sales, Marketing, Corporate Accounts and General Management from healthcare manufacturers to foster learning and peer interaction that enable success.  Global/national executive leaders come together twice a year for HMMC’s Spring and Fall Conferences.  The conferences combine presentations from distinguished speakers with networking events so members learn together, share insights, and gain the perspective of their peers in a fun, thought-provoking, entertaining atmosphere.  Members value the conferences as continuing education for themselves and their companies.

Between conferences HMMC provides webinars on hot topics in the healthcare arena.  Webinar content ranges from the universal (impact of ACA on reimbursements) to the very detailed (impact of UDI barcoding for regulated products).  Members also enjoy on-going access to the association’s network to seek feedback on issues, circulate employment opportunities, or just stay in touch.

HMMC gives YOU the opportunity to learn and share with people like YOU — executives that have created, marketed and sold brands and product innovations that are driving the remarkable growth in healthcare.  Make friends with people that make a difference- these folks are reaching beyond the norm to gain something more, the real value of relationships obtainable from a membership in HMMC. 

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