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2007 Spring Conference

Savannah, GA

Wednesday, March 28 – 30 6:30PM – 9:00PM
20th Anniversary Opening Reception
Leonard Berke Award Presentation
Charter Members Recognition
Past President Recognition
Merit Award Presentation

Thursday, March 29 8AM to 5 PM

“Laos, The Ho Chi Minh Trail and My Search for Answers”
Dibrell, Colonel, U.S. Army (retired)
A compelling story which will be of interest to all leaders and managers and those who routinely operate within the international community. Cross cultural diversity, diplomatic negotiation, humanitarian endeavors, maturation of leadership skills.
“Universities – An Untapped Resource for Medical Products Companies. Research & Technology Licensing”
Dr. John Brasch, Vice Chancellor, University of Nebraska
Dr. David Conrad, University of Nebraska
Dr. Jody Redepenning, University of Nebraska
Dr. James Linder, University of Nebraska
Dr. Lance Perez, University of Nebraska
Licensing technologies and structuring novel relationships with University faculty members and having part-time relationships with a company. Joint venture R&D relationships under a sponsored research agreement. Assistive technologies-emerging high tech: R&D being done in University labs.

“GPOs Today”
Andrew VanOstrand, VP Policy & Research, HIDA
John Pritchard, President, The Max
Get valuable information about today’s GPOs, their size, their growth, their spending power, their contracts and much more

The “Future of GPOs”
Bud Bowen, Retired CEO of Amerinet
Where are GPO’s going? What will they look like? Will they be bigger or smaller? How GPOs will be forced to change to adapt to the emerging trends within the health care industry. Future of administrative fees, government oversight of the GPO industry, private labeling and traditional GPO business practices such as sole-source contracting, corporate agreements, tiered contracting and custom contracting for IDNs.

“Credentialing of Sales Representatives”
Mark Leahey, Executive Director, MDMA
What started out as generally a good idea is developing into what could become a huge expense to every medical company in this country. Learn what is going on in this area and what the real issues are.

Thursday, March 29 6:00PM to 9:30PM

Dinner/Entertainment/Networking -“Somewhere In Time”
We will experience a very moving time in the history of the United States.

Friday, March 30 – 7AM to 12:00PM
“What’s Happening in Distribution”
Howard Jagoda, Cardinal Health
Todd LaVelle, Blue Medical
Joan Eliasek, McKesson Medical/Surgical

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